ZTC (Zero 教科书 Cost)



ZTC (Zero 教科书 Cost) classes are offered with FREE TEXTBOOKS FOR STUDENTS. 学生 taking ZTC classes may average savings between $1,400 and $1,700 per year.

ZTC classes may use the following resources:

  • Open Educational 资源 (OER): openly available to the public
  • Lending 图书馆 教科书s: available for check-out at the 学校图书馆 and/or bookstore for the semester
  • Faculty-Created内容: 课堂提供
  • 在线课程内容: accessed through the college library, websites, or publisher databases

澳门皇家赌城在线大学 faculty have adopted and created hundreds of ZTC course materials to provide high-quality educational materials to you at 在线免费低成本打印选项.


How do I find ZTC classes?



  1. 参观 课程表
  2. Click on “搜索—All Classes” and select “Advanced 搜索”
  3. Select  Zero 教科书 Cost classes for sections filter and any other desired search options
  4. 注册 for the courses on the MyVCCCD portal.


Where is my online textbook?


Due to the custom nature of ZTC resources and the many ways to integrate content into a course, your ZTC textbook may be provided as a PDF, 在网站上, or embedded into the course within Canvas. Check with the instructor of the course for more information.


What if I want a print version?


  • Order a low-cost print copy at a 校园书店.
  • Check for print reserve copies at your 学校图书馆.
  • Check with your instructor for other options.


教科书s are FREE in Spring 2024

For 英语, Math and many of your important classes.


看到我们的 类别一览表 to find our Zero 教科书 Cost courses which are identified by the logo above.



  • ENGL V01A - 英语 Composition
  • ENGM V02 & V03 - 英语 for Multilingual 学生
  • ESL课程(全部)


  • MATH V04 - College Algebra (online textbook CODE)
  • MATH V04J - Just-in-Time Support for College Algebra
  • MATH V38 - 数学 for Elementary School Teachers
  • MATH V40 - 数学 for Liberal Arts
  • MATH V40J - Just-in-Time Support for 数学 for Liberal Arts
  • MATH V44 - Elementary Statistics (online textbook CODE)
  • MATH V44J - Just-in-Time Support for Elementary Statistics


  • PSY V04 - Introductory Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences


  • COMM V01 - Intro to Speech Communications
  • COMM V10 - Critical Thinking in Oral Communication
  • COMM V15 - Interpersonal Communication


  • AES V20/CHST V01 - Intro to Chicano Studies
  • AES V23/CHST V02 - Chicano Studies Issues
  • AES V03/CHST V03 - Chicana Contemporary Issues


  • V01 - Biological 人类学
  • V01L - Biological 人类学 (Lab)

Steps to obtain your FREE loaner textbooks:


注册 对于你的班级. If you aren’t already a student, please 申请/注册 在注册之前.

Get Your 教科书 or Access Code

Go to the library to get your ZTC course textbook or go to the bookstore to get your math access code.